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  • BATTUS — I. BATTUS ineptus Poeta, qui in carmine conficiendo eadem saepius repetebat; unde Βαττολογία, inepta verborum redundantia, seu eiusdem rei vitiosa repetitio. Suidas, Βαττολογία, ἡ πολυλογία, ἀπὸ Βάττου τινὸς μακροὺς, καὶ πολυςτίχους ὕμνους… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • Battus I of Cyrene — or Battus I (Battus in Greek: Βάττος Ἀριστοτέλης), lived in the 7th century BC. He came from the island of Thera (modern Santorini),and later founded the colony of Cyrenaica and its capital, Cyrene. He was the first king of Cyrenaica and also the …   Wikipedia

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  • Battus III of Cyrene — or Battus III, surnamed The Lame (Greek:Βάττος ο Χωλός, flourished 6th century BC) was the fifth Greek Cyrenaean king and a member of The Battiads Dynasty. Battus was the son and only child of Cyrenaean King Arcesilaus II and Cyrenaean Queen… …   Wikipedia

  • Battus II of Cyrene — Battus II of Cyrene, sometimes called Eudaimon ( the blessed ) or the Latin equivalent Felix , (Greek: Βάττος ὁ Εὐδαίμων; flourished ca. 583 to 560 BC) was the third Greek king Cyrenaica and Cyrene and a member of the Battiad dynasty.Battus was… …   Wikipedia

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