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  • Amalaswintha — (d. 535)    Gothic princess and daughter of the important Ostrogothic king of Italy, Theodoric the Great. As regent, Amalaswintha was active in the political life of Italy after Theodoric s death, and she promoted her personal interests and those …   Encyclopedia of Barbarian Europe

  • Amalasunta — (Amalaswintha) ► (m. 535) Reina de los ostrogodos de Italia. Ejerció la regencia en 526 534 …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Ein Kampf um Rom — ist ein seinerzeit populärer historischer Roman von Felix Dahn, der 1876 veröffentlicht wurde. Felix Dahn Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Allgemein …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Justinian — (c. 482 565)    One of the greatest emperors in Byzantine history, Justinian made profound and lasting imprint on the course of the empire s subsequent development. Famed for his marriage to the actress and courtesan, Theodora, whose reputation… …   Encyclopedia of Barbarian Europe

  • Theodora — (d. 548)    Wife and inspiration of the Byzantine emperor Justinian (r. 527 565), who shared his rule and was an important source of strength for him until her death in 548. Although her background was not the usual one for an empress, Theodora… …   Encyclopedia of Barbarian Europe

  • Cassiodorus — • Roman writer, statesman, and monk, b. about 490; d. about 583 Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Cassiodorus     Cassiodorus     † …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Theodoric the Great — (c. 451 or 453/454 526)    One of the greatest of the barbarian kings and the greatest of the Gothic kings, Theodoric the Great, or the Amal as he was originally known, reigned over the Ostrogoths from 471 to 526 and ruled an independent Gothic… …   Encyclopedia of Barbarian Europe

  • Witigis — (fl. 536 540)    Ostrogothic king in Italy from 536 to 540 who led his people against the Byzantine armies sent by Justinian to conquer the peninsula and restore imperial rule there. Although not of the royal line of Theodoric the Great, Witigis… …   Encyclopedia of Barbarian Europe

  • Belisarius — (c. 500 c. 565)    Leading general and loyal supporter of Justinian for more than forty years, Belisarius fought numerous campaigns against the Persians, the Vandals in Africa, and the Goths in Italy. Completely loyal to Justinian throughout his… …   Encyclopedia of Barbarian Europe

  • Amalasuntha — Holzschnitt aus der Schedel’schen Weltchronik,[1] 1493 Amalasuntha (auch Amalasuentha, Amalaswintha, Amalasuintha) († 30. April 535 auf der Insel Martana im See von Bolsena, Latium) war eine ostgotische Königin. Leben Die Tochter des …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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