Actaeus [2]

2. Actaeus, a, um, s. 1. Actē. 1806–1895.

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  • Actaeus — Aktaios (der von der Küste [akte] oder von Akte) ist eine Figur der Griechischen Mythologie. Er gilt als der mythische Urkönig Attikas. Ajax tötet Heloros und Aktaios, Telephosfries Nach Pausanias war Aktaios der erste König Attikas oder der… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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  • ARACYNTHUS — mons Acarnaniae. Plinio l. 4. c. 2. Boeotiae Stephano. Sed legendum Αἰτωλίας. Casaubon. Vibius Sequester Atticae tribuit, Servius Thebis, Eustath. in Dionys. Aetiliae; Sunt etiam qui Arcadiae montem faciunt, sed falso; nam in Vibio legendum… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

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  • Aglaulus, daughter of Cecrops — For other uses of this name, see Aglaulus. Aglaulus or Agraulos was in Greek mythology the daughter of Cecrops and Aglaulus, daughter of Actaeus. She had two offspring by two different gods, Alcippe (with Ares) and Ceryx (with Hermes). There were …   Wikipedia

  • Herse — is a figure in Greek mythology, daughter of Cecrops (or, according to Pausanias, of Actaeus), sister to Aglauros and Pandrosos. According to Apollodorus, when Hephaestus unsuccessfully attempted to rape Athena, she wiped his semen off her leg… …   Wikipedia

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