Lambda Literary Award

Lambda Literary Award

Lambda Literary Award (auch bekannt unter dem Namen Lammies) ist ein jährlich vergebener Literaturpreis in den Vereinigten Staaten. Der Literaturpreis wird von der Lambda Literary Foundation seit 1988 vergeben. Ausgezeichnete werden Bücher, die im jeweiligen Jahr in englischer Sprache im Themenbereich LGBT veröffentlicht wurden. Die Lambda Literary Foundation hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, LGBT-Literatur zu feiern und schriftstellerisches Material für Autoren, Leser, Buchverkäufer, Verlage und Bibliotheken anzubieten. [1]


Frühere Preise

  • 1988 1st Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1989[2]
  • 1989 2nd Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1990[3]
  • 1990 3rd Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1991[4]
  • 1991: 4th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1992[5]
  • 1992: 5th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1993[6]
  • 1993: 6th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1994[7]
  • 1994: 7th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1995[8]
  • 1995: 8th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1996[9]
  • 1996: 9th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1997[10]
  • 1997: 10th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1998[11]
  • 1998: 11th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 1999[12]
  • 1999: 12th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 2000[13]
  • 2000: 13th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 2001[14]
  • 2001: 14th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 2002[15]

Sieger 2002

15th Annual Lambda Literary Awards[16]

  • Anthologies/Fiction: Devon Carbado, Dwight McBride und Don Weise, Black Like Us
  • Anthologies/Nonfiction: Bruce Shenitz, The Man I Might Become (Marlowe & Company)
  • Autobiography: Betty Berzon, Surviving Madness (University of Wisconsin)
  • Biography: David Kaufman, Ridiculous! (Applause Theatre & Cinema)
  • Children's/Young Adult: Bonnie Shimko, Letters in the Attic (Academy Chicago Press)
  • Editor's Choice: John D'Emilio, The World Turned (Duke University)
  • Erotica: Tristan Taormino, Best Lesbian Erotica 2003
  • Gay men's fiction: Jamie O’Neill, At Swim, Two Boys
  • Gay men's mystery: Christopher Rice, The Snow Garden (Miramax)
  • Gay men's poetry: J. D. McClatchy, Hazmat (Alfred A. Knopf)
  • Humor: Dan Savage, Skipping Towards Gomorrah (Dutton)
  • Lesbian fiction: Sarah Waters, Fingersmith (Riverhead)
  • Lesbian mystery: Elizabeth Woodcraft, Good Bad Woman (Kensington)
  • Lesbian poetry: Ellen Bass, Mules of Love (BOA Editions)
  • LGBT studies: Neil Miller, Sex-Crime Panic (Alyson)
  • Pioneer Award: Barbara Grier
  • Romance: Andrew W.M. Beierle, The Winter of Our Discoteque (Kensington)
  • Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror: Michael Rowe, Queer Fear II (Arsenal Pulp)
  • Small Press: Kings Crossing Publishing
  • Spirituality: Geoffrey Duncan, Courage to Love (Pilgrim)
  • Transgender: Noelle Howey, Dress Codes (Picador)
  • Visual arts: Dominique Fernandez, A Hidden Love (Prestel)

Sieger 2003

16th Annual Lambda Literary Awards[17]

  • Anthologies/Fiction: Michael Bronski, Pulp Friction (St. Martin's Press)
  • Anthologies/Non-fiction: Bob Guter und John Killacky, Queer Crips (Harrington Park Press)
  • Autobiography/Memoir: Lillian Faderman, Naked in the Promised Land (Houghton Mifflin)
  • Biography: Andrew Wilson, Beautiful Shadow (Bloomsbury)
  • Children /Young adult: David Levithan, Boy Meets Boy (Knopf Books for Young Readers)
  • Drama: Brian Drader, Prok (Scirocco Drama)
  • Erotica: Tristan Taormino, Best Lesbian Erotica 2004 (Cleis Press)
  • Gay men's fiction: Christopher Bram, Lives of the Circus Animals (William Morrow)
  • Gay men's mystery: John Morgan Wilson, Blind Eye (St. Martin's Press)
  • Gay men's poetry: Henri Cole, Middle Earth (Farrar, Straus & Giroux) und Mark Bibbins, Sky Lounge (Graywolf Press) [18]
  • Humor: Alison Bechdel, Dykes and Sundry Other Carbon-Based Life-Forms to Watch Out For (Alyson Publications)
  • Lesbian fiction: Nina Revoyr, Southland (Akashic Books)
  • Lesbian mystery: Elizabeth Sims, Damn Straight (Alyson Publications)
  • Lesbian poetry: Minnie Bruce Pratt, The Dirt She Ate (University of Pittsburgh Press)
  • LGBT studies: Devon Carbado und Donald Weise, Time on Two Crosses (Cleis Press)
  • Photography/Visual arts: Lonthar Schirmer, Women Seeing Women (W. W. Norton)
  • Romance: Michael Thomas Ford, Last Summer (Kensington Publishing) und Karin Kallmaker, Maybe Next Time (Bella Books)
  • Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror: Helen Sandler, Necrologue (Diva Books)
  • Spirituality: Fenton Johnson, Keeping Faith (Houghton Mifflin)
  • Transgender/Genderqueer: Jennifer Finney Boylan, She's Not There (Broadway Books)

Sieger 2004

17th Annual Lambda Literary Awards[19]

  • Anthologies/Fiction: Edmund White und Donald Weise, Fresh Men: New Voices in Gay Fiction (Carroll & Graff)
  • Anthologies/Non-fiction: Greg Wharton und Ian Philips, I Do/I Don't: Queers on Marriage (Suspect Thoughts Press)
  • Autobiography/Memoir: Alison Smith, Name All the Animals (Scribner)
  • Biography: Alexis De Veaux, Warrior Poet: A Biography of Audre Lorde (W. W. Norton)
  • Children's / Young Adult: Alex Sanchez, So Hard to Say (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers)
  • Drama / Theater: Doug Wright, I Am My Own Wife (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
  • Erotica: Richard Labonte, Best Gay Erotica 2005 (Cleis Press)
  • Gay Men's Debut Fiction: Blair Mastbaum, Clay's Way (Alyson Books)
  • Gay Men's Fiction: Colm Tóibín, The Master (Scribner)
  • Gay Men's Poetry: Luis Cernuda, Written in Water (City Lights Publishers)
  • Gay Men's Mystery: Anthony Bidulka, Flight of Aquavit (Insomniac Press)
  • Humor: David Sedaris, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (Little, Brown)
  • Lesbian Debut Fiction: Judith Frank, Crybaby Butch (Firebrand)
  • Lesbian Fiction: Stacey D'Erasmo, A Seahorse Year (Houghton Mifflin)
  • Lesbian Poetry: Beverly Burch, Sweet to Burn (Gival Press)
  • Lesbian Mystery: Katherine V. Forrest, Hancock Park (Berkley Prime Crime/Penguin Group USA)
  • LGBT Studies: Elisabeth Kirtsoglou, For the Love of Women: Gender, Identity and Same-Sex Relations in a Greek Provincial Town (Routledge)
  • Photography/Visual Arts: Evan Bachner und Harry Abrams, At Ease: Navy Men of World War II
  • Romance: Steven Kluger, Almost Like Being in Love (HarperCollins)
  • Religion/Spirituality: Will Roscoe, Jesus and the Shamanic Tradition of Same-Sex Love (Suspect Thoughts Press)
  • Science fiction/Fantasy/Horror: Jim Grimsley, The Ordinary (Tor Books)
  • Transgender/GenderQueer: Mariette Pathy Allen, The Gender Frontier (Kehrer Verlag)

Sieger 2005

18th Annual Lambda Literary Awards[20]

  • Anthologies: E. Lynn Harris, Freedom in This Village: Twenty-Five Years of Black Gay Men's Writing, 1979 to the Present
  • Belles Lettres: Martin Moran, The Tricky Part
  • Biography: Sherrill Tippins, February House
  • Children's/Young Adult: Shyam Selvadurai, Swimming in the Monsoon Sea
  • Erotica: Stacia Seaman und Radclyffe, Stolen Moments: Erotic Interludes 2
  • Gay Men's Debut Fiction: Vestal McIntyre, You Are Not the One
  • Gay Men's Fiction: Dennis Cooper, The Sluts
  • Gay Men's Mystery: D. Travers Scott, One of These Things is Not Like the Other
  • Gay Men's Poetry: Richard Siken, Crush
  • Humor: David Rakoff, Don't Get Too Comfortable
  • Lesbian Debut Fiction: Ali Leibegott, The Beautifully Worthless
  • Lesbian Fiction: Abha Dawesar, Babyji und Helen Humphreys, Wild Dogs
  • Lesbian Mystery: Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Desert Blood: The Juarez Murders
  • Lesbian Poetry: June Jordan, Directed by Desire: Collected Poems
  • LGBT Studies: Susan Ackerman, When Heroes Love: The Ambiguities of Eros in the Stories of Gilgamesh and David
  • Nonfiction: Thomas Glave, Words to Our Now
  • Romance: Radclyffe, Distant Shores, Silent Thunder
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror: Katherine V. Forrest, Daughters of an Emerald Dusk
  • Spirituality: Cheri DiNovo, Qu(e)erying Evangelism: Growing a Community from the Outside In
  • Transgender/GenderQueer: Charlie Anders, Choir Boy

Sieger 2006

19th Annual Lambda Literary Awards[21]

  • Anthology: Greg Herren und Paul J. Willis , Love, Bourbon Street: Reflections of New Orleans (Alyson)
  • Arts & Culture: Lillian Faderman und Stuart Timmons, Gay L. A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, And Lipstick Lesbians (Basic Books)
  • Bisexual: Michael Szymanski und Nicole Kristal, The Bisexual's Guide to the Universe (Alyson)
  • Childrens/Young Adult: David Levithan und Billy Merrell, Full Spectrum (Random House Children's Books)
  • Childrens/Young Adult: Julie Anne Peters, Between Mom & Jo (Little Brown)
  • Drama/Theater: Tim Miller, 1001 Beds (University of Wisconsin)
  • Gay Debut Fiction: Robert Westfield, Suspension: A Novel (Harper Perennial)
  • Gay Erotica: Jeff Mann, A History of Barbed Wire (Suspect Thoughts)
  • Gay Fiction: Robert Westfield, Suspension: A Novel (Harper Perennial)
  • Gay Memoir/Biography: Bernard Cooper, The Bill From My Father (Simon & Schuster)
  • Gay Mystery: Garry Ryan, The Lucky Elephant Restaurant (NeWest Press)
  • Gay Poetry: Jim Elledge, A History of My Tattoo (Stonewall/BrickHouse Books)
  • Gay Romance: Rob Byrnes, When the Stars Come Out (Kensington Books)
  • Humor: Joe Keenan, My Lucky Star (Little Brown)
  • Lesbian Debut Fiction: Ellis Avery, The Teahouse Fire (Riverhead Books)
  • Lesbian Erotica: Laurinda D. Brown, Walk Like a Man (Q-Boro Books)
  • Lesbian Fiction: Sarah Waters, The Night Watch (Riverhead Books)
  • Lesbian Memoir/Biography: Alison Bechdel, Fun Home (Houghton Mifflin)
  • Lesbian Mystery: Laurie R. King, The Art of Detection (Bantam Books)
  • Lesbian Poetry; Sina Queyras, Lemon Hound (Coach House Books)
  • Lesbian Romance: Georgia Beers, Fresh Tracks (Bold Strokes)
  • LGBT Nonfiction: Lillian Faderman und Stuart Timmons, Gay L. A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, And Lipstick Lesbians (Basic Books)
  • LGBT Nonfiction: Marcia M. Gallo, Different Daughters (Carroll & Graf)
  • LGBT Studies: Horace L. Griffin, Their Own Receive Them Not (Pilgrim Press)
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror: Neal Drinnan, Izzy and Eve (Green Candy Press)
  • Spirituality: Michael McColly, The After-Death Room (Soft Skull Press)
  • Transgender: Susan Stryker und Stephen Whittle ,The Transgender Studies Reader (Routledge)

Sieger 2007

20th Annual Lambda Literary Awards[22]

  • Anthology: Richard Labonte and Lawrence Schimel, eds., First Person Queer (Arsenal Pulp Press)
  • Arts & Culture: Matthew Hays, The View From Here (Arsenal Pulp Press)
  • Bisexual: Brent Hartinger, Split Screen (HarperCollins Children's Books)
  • Children's/Young Adult: Perry Moore, Hero (Hyperion Books)
  • Drama/Theater: Steve Susoyev and George Birimisa, eds., Return to the Caffe Cino (Moving Finger Press)
  • Erotica: Simon Sheppard, Homosex: 60 Years of Gay Erotica (Running Press)
  • Gay Debut Fiction: Christopher Kelly, A Push and a Shove (Alyson Books)
  • Lesbian Debut Fiction: Aoibheann Sweeney, Among Other Things, I've Taken Up Smoking (The Penguin Press)
  • LGBT Studies: Sharon Marcus, Between Women (Princeton University Press)
  • Men's Fiction: Andre Aciman, Call Me By Your Name (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
  • Men's Memoir/Biography: Kevin Sessums, Mississippi Sissy (St. Martin's Press)
  • Men's Mystery: Greg Herren, Murder in the Rue Chartres (Alyson Books)
  • Men's Romance: Michael Thomas Ford, Changing Tides (Kensington Books)
  • Nonfiction: Michael S. Sherry, Gay Artists in Modern American Culture (University of North Carolina Press)
  • Poetry: Henri Cole, Blackbird and Wolf (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror: Lee Thomas, The Dust of Wonderland (Alyson Books)
  • Transgender: Cris Beam, Transparent (Harcourt)
  • Women's Fiction: Ali Liebegott, The IHOP Papers (Carroll & Graf)
  • Women's Memoir/Biography: Nicola Griffith, And Now We Are Going to Have a Party (Payseur & Schmidt)
  • Women's Mystery: Gabrielle Goldsby, Wall of Silence (Bold Strokes Books)
  • Women's Romance: K. G. MacGregor, Out of Love (Bella Books)

Sieger 2008

21st Annual Lambda Literary Awards[23]

  • Bisexual: Open, Jenny Block, Seal Press
  • Transgender: Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word), Thea Hillman, Manic D Press
  • LGBT Anthologies: Our Caribbean, edited by Thomas Glave, Duke University Press
  • LGBT Childrens/Young Adult: Out of the Pocket, Bill Konigsberg, Dutton
  • LGBT Drama: The Second Coming of Joan of Arc, Carolyn Gage, Outskirts Press
  • LGBT Nonfiction: Loving The Difficult, Jane Rule, Hedgerow Press
  • LGBT Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror: Turnskin, Nicole Kimberling, Blind Eye Books
  • LGBT Studies: Criminal Intimacy: Prison and the Uneven History of Modern American Sexuality, Regina Kunzel, The University of Chicago Press
  • Lesbian Debut Fiction: The Bruise, Magdalena Zurawski, Fiction Collective Two/University of Alabama Press
  • Lesbian Erotica: In Deep Waters 2: Cruising the Strip, Radclyffe and Karin Kallmaker, Bold Strokes Books
  • Lesbian Fiction (a tie!): The Sealed Letter, Emma Donoghue, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt & All the Pretty Girls, Chandra Mayor, Conundrum Press
  • Lesbian Memoir/Biography: Sex Talks to Girls: A Memoir, Maureen Seaton, University of Wisconsin Press
  • Lesbian Mystery: Whacked, Josie Gordon, Bella Books
  • Lesbian Poetry: love belongs to those who do the feeling, Judy Grahn, Red Hen Press
  • Lesbian Romance: The Kiss That Counted, Karin Kallmaker, Bella Books
  • Gay Debut Fiction: Finlater, Shawn Ruff, Quote Editions
  • Gay Erotica: Best Gay Erotica 2009, Richard Labonte & James Lear, Cleis Press
  • Gay Fiction: We Disappear, Scott Heim, Harper Perennial
  • Gay Memoir/Biography: Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love, Sheila Rowbotham, Verso Books
  • Gay Mystery: First You Fall, Scott Sherman, Alyson Books
  • Gay Poetry (a tie!): Fire to Fire, Mark Doty, Harper & Now You're the Enemy, James Allen Hall, Univ. of Arkansas Press
  • Gay Romance: Got 'til it's Gone, Larry Duplechan, Arsenal Pulp Press

Sieger 2009

22nd Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 28. Mai 2010[24]

  • Anthology: Portland Queer: Tales of the Rose City, edited by Ariel Gore, Lit Star Press
  • Bisexual Fiction: (tie) Holy Communion, by Mykola Dementiuk, Synergy Press and Love You Two, by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Random House Australia
  • Bisexual Nonfiction: Leaving India: My Family’s Journey From Five Villages to Five Continents, by Minal Hajratwala. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Children's/Young Adult: Sprout, by Dale Peck, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Drama: The Collected Plays of Mart Crowley, by Mart Crowley, Alyson Books
  • Gay Debut Fiction: Blue Boy, by Rakesh Satyal, Kensington Books
  • Gay Erotica: Impossible Princess, by Kevin Killian, City Lights Bookstore
  • Gay Fiction: Lake Overturn, by Vestal McIntyre, HarperCollins
  • Gay Memoir/Biography: Ardent Spirits: Leaving Home, Coming Back, by Reynolds Price, Scribner Books
  • Gay Mystery: What We Remember, by Michael Thomas Ford, Kensington Books
  • Gay Poetry: Sweet Core Orchard, by Benjamin S. Grossberg, University of Tampa Press
  • Gay Romance: Drama Queers!, by Frank Anthony Polito, Kensington Books
  • Lesbian Debut Fiction: The Creamsickle, by Rhiannon Argo, Spinsters Ink
  • Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Cowboys, edited by Sacchi Green and Rakelle Valencia, Cleis Press
  • Lesbian Fiction: A Field Guide to Deception, by Jill Malone, Bywater Books
  • Lesbian Memoir/Biography: The Talented Miss Highsmith: The Secret Life and Serious Art of Patricia Highsmith, by Joan Schenkar, St. Martin's Press
  • Lesbian Mystery: Death of a Dying Man, by Jean M. Redmann, Bold Strokes Books
  • Lesbian Poetry: Zero at the Bone, by Stacie Cassarino, New Issues Press
  • Lesbian Romance: The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin, by Colette Moody, Bold Strokes Books
  • LGBT Non-Fiction: The Greeks and Greek Love, by James N. Davidson, Random House
  • LGBT Studies: The Straight State: Sexuality and Citizenship in Twentieth Century America, by Margot Canaday, Princeton University Press
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror: Palimpsest, by Catherynne M. Valente, Bantam Spectra
  • Transgender: Lynnee Breedlove's One Freak Show, by Lynn Breedlove, Manic D Press

Sieger 2010

23rd Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Bekanntgabe: 27. Mai 2011[25]

  • Bisexual — Fiction: The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet von Myrlin A. Hermes, Harper Perennial
  • Bisexual — Nonfiction: Border Sexualities, Border Families in Schools von Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Rowman & Littlefield
  • Transgender — Fiction: Holding Still for As Long As Possible von Zoe Whittall, House of Anansi Press
  • Transgender — Nonfiction: Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community, herausgegeben von Noach Dzmura, North Atlantic Books
  • LGBT Anthology: Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, herausgegeben von Kate Bornstein & S. Bear Bergman, Seal Press
  • LGBT Children's/Young Adult: Wildthorn von Jane Eagland, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • LGBT Drama: Oedipus at Palm Springs: A Five Lesbian Brothers Play von Maureen Angelos, Dominique Dibbell, Peg Healey, Lisa Kron, Samuel French
  • LGBT Nonfiction: King Kong Theory von Virginie Despentes, The Feminist Press
  • LGBT SF/Fantasy/Horror: Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories von Sandra McDonald, Lethe Press
  • LGBT Studies — Tie: Another Country: Queer Anti-Urbanism von Scott Herring, New York University Press
    Assuming a Body: Transgender and Rhetorics of Materiality von Gayle Salamon, Columbia University Press
  • Lesbian Debut Fiction: Sub Rosa von Amber Dawn, Arsenal Pulp Press
  • Lesbian Erotica: Sometimes She Lets Me: Best Butch/Femme Erotica herausgegeben von Tristan Taormino, Cleis Press
  • Lesbian Fiction: Inferno (a poet’s novel) von Eileen Myles, OR Books
  • Lesbian Memoir/Biography — Tie: Hammer! Making Movies Out of Sex and Life von Barbara Hammer, The Feminist Press
    Wishbone: A Memoir in Fractures von Julie Marie Wade, Colgate University Press
  • Lesbian Mystery: Fever of the Bone von Val McDermid, HarperCollins
  • Lesbian Poetry: The Nights Also von Anna Swanson, Tightrope Books
  • Lesbian Romance: River Walker von Cate Culpepper, Bold Strokes Books
  • Gay Debut Fiction: Bob the Book von David Pratt, Chelsea Station Editions
  • Gay Erotica: Teleny and Camille von Jon Macy, Northwest Press
  • Gay Fiction: Union Atlantic von Adam Haslett, Doubleday
  • Gay Memoir/Biography: Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tattoo Artist and Sexual Renegade von Justin Spring, Farrar, Straus & Giroux
  • Gay Mystery: Echoes von David Lennon, Blue Spike Publishing
  • Gay Poetry: Pleasure von Brian Teare, Ahsahta Press
  • Gay Romance: Normal Miguel von Erik Orrantia, Cheyenne Publishing


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