• 41Philosophical Religions from Plato to Spinoza. Reason, Religion, and Autonomy , Fraenkel Carlos (2013)
    For many thinkers from antiquity until the Enlightenment, no meaningful distinction between philosophy and religion was possible. Instead, the concept of a philosophical religion was strongly… 7639 руб

  • 42Tree or Three? An Elementary Pronunciation Course (+ 3 CD) , Ann Baker (2015)
    Do you have trouble with your pronunciation? Are you sometimes misunderstood, even when you know the word is right? This book can help you! This fully-revised edition of the classic title, now in… 2399 руб

  • 43Die Papste , Christopher Hibbert (1983)
    Christopher Hibbert was a prolific modern historian and biographer who wrote about many periods and contexts. Born in Leicestershire, Hibbert was educated at Oxford then served with distinction as an… 630 руб

  • 44British Foreign Policy And Its Critics 1830-1950 , Andrew Rothstein (1969)
    This book is a somewhat expanded version of four lectures delivered in English in November, 1966, at the Faculty of Modern History in the University of Moscow, to some 250 students of that Faculty… 370 руб

  • 45Perrault&# 039;s Fairy Tales , Шарль Перро (2004)
    От издателя:Eight of the twelve tales in this book are from the master hand of Charles Perrault (1628-1703). Although Perrault enjoyed much distinction in the French literary circle of the late… 81 UAH

  • 46Assisted Death. A Study in Ethics and Law , Sumner L.W. (2011)
    Ethical and legal issues concerning physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia are very much on the public agenda in many jurisdictions. In this timely book L. W. Sumner addresses these issues within… 4567 руб

  • 47The Phonological Enterprise , Hale Mark (2008)
    This book scrutinizes recent work in phonological theory from the perspective of Chomskyan generative linguistics and argues that progress in the field depends on taking seriously the idea that… 3312 руб

  • 48Life in the Country House in Georgian Ireland , McCarthy Patricia (2016)
    For aristocrats and gentry in 18th-century Ireland, the townhouses and country estates they resided in were carefully constructed to accommodate their cultivated lifestyles. Based on new research… 4394 руб

  • 49The Age of Innocence , Wharton Edith (2016)
    Widely regarded as one of Edith Wharton's greatest achievements, The Age of Innocence is not only subtly satirical, but also a sometimes dark and disturbing comedy of manners in its exploration of… 318 руб

  • 50Wharton The Age of Innocence , Wharton E. (1999)
    Widely regarded as one of Edith Wharton's greatest achievements, The Age of Innocence is not only subtly satirical, but also a sometimes dark and disturbing comedy of manners in its exploration… 205 руб

  • 51Almayer&# 039;s Folly , Джозеф Конрад (2017)
    “Almayer’s Folly” is the first novel by an English writer of distinction Joseph Conrad (1857—1924). Its publication immediately made Conrad’s name popular in the English literary set. On the account… 75 UAH

  • 52Martyrdom , Mitchell Jolyon (2013)
    Martyrdom is not only a sharply contested term and act, but it has a long history of provoking controversy. One person`s martyr is another`s terrorist, and one person`s martyrdom operation is… 674 UAH

  • 53Selected Philosophical Writings , Saint Thomas Aquinas (2008)
    St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) saw religion as part of the natural human propensity to worship. His ability to recognize the naturalness of this phenomenon and simultaneously to go beyond it, to… 838 UAH

  • 54Witchcraft , Gaskill Malcolm (2010)
    Witchcraft is a subject that fascinates us all, and everyone knows what a witch is - or do they? From childhood most of us develop a sense of the mysterious, malign person, usually an old woman… 674 UAH

  • 55Escales 1 Livre de l`eleve , Jacques Blanc
    Une m&233;thode innovante qui place l`apprenant au c&339;ur du dispositif p&233;dagogique. Fa&238;tes y escales!Directement inspir&233;e des propositions du Cadre Europ&233;en de R&233;f&233;rence… 674 UAH

  • 56Hotel Spaces , Montse Borras (2008)
    Hotel owners and designers recognize that the range of style options now available to appeal to hotel customers is not only endless but that creativity and distinction in this area of the hotel… 3546 UAH

  • 57Pygmalion and Major Barbara , George Bernard Shaw (1992)
    George Bernard Shaw was the greatest British dramatist after Shakespeare, a satirist equal to Jonathan Swift and a playwright whose most profound gift was his ability to make audiences think by… 539 UAH

  • 58Stories. Edited by Al Sarrantonio, Neil Gaiman (2011)
    A hugely original anthology of imaginative fiction edited by bestselling authors Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio. Rather than being dictated by genre, for co-editors Gaiman and Sarrantonio there is… 1032 UAH

  • 59Trillion Dollar Economists. How Economists and Their Ideas have Transformed Business , Robert Litan
    A detailed look at how economists shaped the world, and how the legacy continues Trillion Dollar Economists explores the prize-winning ideas that have shaped business decisions, business models, and… 2601.58 руб электронная книга

  • 60Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts , Michael Alexander
    Bridge the big data gap with Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts The distinction between departmental reporting done by business analysts with Excel and the enterprise reporting… 3251.32 руб электронная книга